Camino pilgrimage

Pilgrimage Caminos

Life-changing, challenging and mindful, more and more people are seeking to push their boundaries and enrich their lives.

We provide a wide selection of Europe’s pilgrimages and long-distance trails, available either as group guided or self-guided options, on foot or on bike.

Popular routes include the Via Francigena, Italy’s premier pilgrimage route, offering your clients a journey amidst Italy’s world-famous landscapes and cultural treasures. The Camino Primitivo nestled in Spain’s Green north, explores ancient trails through charming authentic villages and on the Rota Vicentina, your clients can venture into the rugged coastlines of Portugal’s southern Algarve and the Alentejo. 

During all our trips, we take care of transferring baggage between pre-booked accommodation, and for our self-guided trips, we provide detailed route notes, along with the bespoke ActiveNav app for offline navigation. In addition, our dedicated multi-lingual staff offers 24/7 support. 


Davide Murani Davide Munari, trip designer, on the Via Francigena:
“The thrill of the first glimpse of St. Peter’s Dome and the excitement of crossing the Vatican columns both are exciting – but there is so much more. For the pilgrims, the taste of new food becomes familiar, they pronounce the local words better and better, they recognize the trees and their smell as they walk by. The challenge becomes fulfilment, the fulfilment becomes pleasure.”


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