Our sustainability mission

Our sustainability mission

Our mission is to maximise the positive impact of our tours while minimizing any negative ones, in regards to both our internal office management, logistics of our trips, supplier selection and the education of our clients. We provide immersive, inspiring trips in a responsibly sustainable way, promoting the value and conservation of both the natural world and our heritage within it.

In our offices, we recycle all waste, have energy saving lightbulbs and have improved the insulation of our buildings. 

We always take environmental aspects into account when planning our tours, especially in terms of transport, accommodation and activities en route. We encourage the use of local transport during our tours and for clients to eat locally sourced produce. Wherever possible we choose local, family-run accommodation.

We limit the use of paper in our offices, and we are keen that clients use our downloadable app for navigation, rather than using paper route notes. 

We provide our clients with information and tips on how to help care for the environment while on tour, suggesting easy solutions such as re-fillable water bottles and lighter-weight luggage. 

We continually communicate our commitment to caring for the environment to clients, staff, suppliers and agents through our website, newsletter, route notes and other channels. All six offices already have, or are working towards their Travelife certifications

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Members of applicable branch organisations HATTA (GR), ANVR & SGR (NL), FIAVET (IT), CEAV (ES)

Members of the ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association) since 2009



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